Andhra Pradesh Police AP POLICE Previous Year Question Papers and solution free download

By | July 27, 2016

Andhra Pradesh Police Previous Year Question Paper Free Download AP POLICE last year model questions and answer

AP Police Andhra Pradesh Police question paper free downloads previous year question paper for Andhra Pradesh Police. Candidates who are going to attend Andhra Pradesh Police Latest Recruitment Can download AP POLICE previous year Question paper, (AP POLICE) Previous year Sample paper, AP POLICE Model question paper for absolutely free. Download Andhra Pradesh Police last Year Question paper for free. Free download online Question paper for Andhra Pradesh Police.

Previous Year Question paper free downloads Online Andhra Pradesh Police. Andhra Pradesh Police sample question paper Andhra Pradesh Police Model Question paper free download Candidates can easily find and download previous year Andhra Pradesh Police Question paper Available on Internet You may also check Andhra Pradesh Police official website: for further Assistance

Andhra Pradesh Police AP POLICE Previous Year Sample Question paper free downloads

Candidates who are participating on Andhra Pradesh Police Latest recruitment and want to know about question pattern, Syllabus and last five or ten year Model question pattern for Andhra Pradesh Police should check this and also must download previous year question paper of Andhra Pradesh Police which we have listed below.

AP POLICE Previous Year Model questions

1. A radioactive source has a half-life of 30 days. During a period of 90 days the fraction of atoms that have decayed would be

  • (a)100%
  • (b) 87.5%
  • (c)64%
  • (d) 50%

2. A black body emits:

  • (a) radiations of all wavelengths
  • (b) no radiations
  • (c) radiations of only one wavelength
  • (d) radiations of selected wavelengths


3. A near sighted person cannot see distinctly beyond 50 cm. from his eye. The power in diopter of spectacle lenses which will enable him to see distant objects clearly is

  • (a) +50
  • (b) —50
  • (c) +2
  • (d) —2


4. Size of a nucleus is of the order of?

  • (a)10-18m
  • (b) 10-14m
  • (c)10-10m
  • (d) 10-6m


5. The freezing point on a thermometer is marked as 20° and the boiling point as 150°C. A temperature of 60°C on this thermometer will be read as:

  • (a)40°
  • (b) 65°
  • (c)98°
  • (d) 110°


6. In isothermal expansion of an ideal gas:

  • (a) heat content remains constant
  • (b) temperature remains constant
  • (c) both heat content and temperature remain constant
  • (d) pressure and temperature of the gas remain constant

7. A man standing between two cliffs hears the first echo of a sound after 2 sec. and the second echo 3 sec. after the initial sound. If the speed of sound be 330 m/sec. the distance between the two cliffs should be

  • (a)1650 m.
  • (b)990 m.
  • (c)825 m
  • (d) 660 m.

8. In a resonance tube experiment the first resonance is obtained for 10 cm. of air column and the second for 32 cm. The end correction for this apparatus is equal to?

  • (a)0.5 cm
  • (b)1.0 cm
  • (c)1.5 cm
  • (d) 2 cm

9. The ratio of the specific heat of air at constant pressure to its specific heat at constant volume is?

  • (a) zero
  • (b) greater than one
  • (c) less than one
  • (d) equal to one


10. A convex lens has a focal length of 10 cm. When it is immersed in water it will behave as?

  • (a) a convex tens of 10 cm. focal length
  • (b) a concave lens of 10 cm. focal length
  • (c) a convex lens of focal length greater than 10cm.
  • (d) a convex lens of focal length less than 10 cm.


11. Two particles having charges q1 and q2 when kept at a certain distance exert a force F on each other. If the distance between the two particles is reduced to half and the charge on each particle is doubled the force between the particles would be ?

  • (a)2F
  • (b)4F
  • (c)8F
  • (d)16F



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